About Mechanikilla: motto: INVESTIGATE, SKEPTICIZE, REFLECT, CRITICIZE, CONSIDER, IDEALIZE, ASPIRE, REALIZE )-( second motto: perceive, conceive, achieve )-( i am a social animal who requires stimulation on an intellectual level, therefore i crave insightful discussion )-( admirer, critic, poly-philosopher, challenger of tradition, electrical addict, intolerant of filth, hater of waste, realist, amateur artist, straight, gamer, deviant, egalitarian, inclusive, considerate, idealist, aestheticist, skeptic, lazy, open to criticism, liberal, pan-sympathetic/empathetic, infinite inquisitor, nerd, nihilist, aestheticist, naturalist, angst, insubordinate, , , , etc... )-( mechanikilla: to kill the machine that oppresses man )-( awesome, mech, mecha, machines, automation, 3P-1PS, fantasy, scifi, rain, rain, rain, lightning, storm, bass, , , , and don't get enough of it )-( wow a non-generalizable person, who'd a thunk it huh? )-( should i really have to mention i'm a humanist, i mean that 's kind of a obligatory, whats with all this onesided approach, each side just fights eachother ignoring the bigger picture, why should it matter what colour, gender, origin, race, sexuality, species, just live and let live, i mean im sure theres a better word than humanist anyway )-( how about some quotes; Cogito, ergo sum —Descartes, René )-( "we live in a world where we have to hide to make love while violence is practiced in broad daylight" —John Lennon )-( )-( )-( )-( )-( )-( )-( )-( )-( )-( )-( )-( )-( )-( )-( )-( )-( )-( )-( )-( )-( )-( )-( )-( )-( )-( )-( )-( )-( )-(